We’ve had an inquiry about the inclusion of non-Club material in the newsletter’s Member’s Corner.

Members’ Corner is a forum for you, the Club membership! We know that you, as public-spirited residents of our fair city, are involved in many other fine volunteer activities — and that those activities can only be enriched by being promoted. So we, in the person of your venerable Vice-President of Publications, decided to give you a little corner to self-publicize.

Of course, this means YOU have to write something about your meritorious doings and mail it to me at ecdc.pubs@gmail.com. It’s called participatory democracy. And by the tenth of each month, please!



I’m very pleased to announce that we’re back! Our website was down for several days because of technical difficulty while we were switching servers. Thank you for your patience.

Since the next Club meeting is on April 26, be sure to look for the newsletter on or about April 16. The next meeting promises to be an action-packed session! And if you’d like to get in touch with me before that, I’m always available at ecdc.pubs@gmail.com.


Concerning the forthcoming Endorsement Meeting

Dear fellow ECDC members,
I’m grateful to those of us who requested that I clarify whether or not we will be voting to endorse candidates for US President and California State Senate District 9 at our upcoming meeting on Tuesday, March 22.
When I re-read the article I’d written about this meeting, I realized it did not clearly state that we would be having an endorsement vote.  Because of this confusion, we have decided to postpone voting on endorsement in these two races until our April meeting.
My deepest apologies for the confusion.  We will learn from this mistake. Thank you for your understanding!
Hilary Crosby, CPA
President, El Cerrito Democratic Club